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When an accident leaves you with an injury, you may be feeling alone as you decide what your next legal steps should be to get justice for your losses. However, when various individuals have all suffered injury due to the same cause, the victims of these incidents can come together to pursue justice through a class action lawsuit. Typically, the liable party is a large corporation, meaning that injured parties on their own would likely not have the financial bandwidth to pursue litigation against a big company. This is why it is helpful to pursue justice for your losses with the help of a San Diego class action lawyer as soon as possible.

At Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos, our team of trusted lawyers has knowledge and experience with class action lawsuits in San Diego, California, and we hope to offer you the dedicated legal representation you deserve as you pursue justice. If you are interested in information or support with regard to your class action case, please reach out to our team of San Diego legal professionals to confidentially discuss how we may pursue justice for the losses you have suffered as a result of your injury.

What Are Common Types of Class Actions Cases Our Lawyers Can Help With

It is an unfortunate reality that large corporations often put their profits and interests ahead of the safety of the consumers and clients they serve. While one voice standing up to a big corporation may not gain much traction, when victims come together to file a class action lawsuit, there is a better likelihood of the victims’ voices being heard and justice being served. At Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos, our San Diego legal team has experience handling various types of class action cases. Some of the most common types of class action lawsuits are as follows:

Product Liability Cases

Manufacturing companies and sellers owe consumers a duty of care to provide safe and reliable products. However, when these products are unsafe or defective, they can cause a product liability accident that can lead to serious injuries. In addition to providing safe products, these companies must also provide clear instructions to consumers so they know how to use the product properly and safely. If a particular product harms a large group of consumers, the victims have the right to pursue legal action through a class action lawsuit.

Data Breach Cases

In today’s world, a majority of transactions are completed online through data-storing software. Companies that store data like medical records, personal identity information, or financial information have a duty to keep that personal data safe from hackers. Unfortunately, these companies may act negligently and this negligence can lead to data and security breaches. If your personal information is exposed, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft and fraud, you may be able to pursue justice through a class action lawsuit if other individuals have suffered similar losses from the same company.

Bank Fraud and Negligence

When you put your financial assets into a bank, that bank holds a duty of care to protect your personal information and finances from fraud or theft. Some common banking violations include the unauthorized collection of fees, unauthorized charges, APR misrepresentations, and failing to post payments. These acts of fraud or negligence by part of the bank can harm banking customers and result in significant losses.

Whistleblower Cases

A whistleblower is typically a current or former employee who blows the whistle on corporate or government entities’ misconduct. When whistleblowers report wrongful conduct within a corporation, the damages suffered by unassuming people are often exposed. Whistleblower actions can lead to class action lawsuits against the offending entities.

How Do You Qualify for a Class Action Lawsuit in San Diego?

If you have suffered harm due to a large corporation or entity, you deserve to seek justice for any losses you have suffered. If you are considering filing in part with a class action lawsuit, it is important that you understand how you may, or may not, qualify.

With the help of one of our San Diego class action lawyers, you may qualify for a class action if you are able to prove that too many individuals suffered similar harm in a similar situation. This would provide evidence that it would be impractical for all victims to file individual lawsuits. Additionally, you must provide proof that the class action representatives will protect the interests of the class members.

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