Case Results

The attorneys of Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos have been involved in the success of many trials and settlements including:

$852 Million – Jane Doe v. University of Southern California

For decades-long institutional sexual misconduct case involving disgraced OBGYN George Tyndall.

$243.6 Million – A.B. et al. v. Regents of the University of California

For decades-long institutional sexual misconduct case involving disgraced UCLA OBGYN James Heaps.

$49 Million – Rolnik v. AT&T Wireless Services

For billing overcharges from failure to prorate the final month of service fees.

$42 Million – Lozano v. AT&T Wireless Services, Inc.

For inadequately disclosed “out of cycle” billing policies.

$38.5 Million – Confidential Settlement

For catastrophic personal injury matter.

$38 Million – Sterns v. AT&T Mobility Corporation

For inadequately disclosed service fees on billing statements.

$32.5 Million – McKnight, et al. v. Uber Technologies Inc.

Undisclosed fees to cover driver background checks.

$20 Million – Roark v. GTE

For telephone service overcharges.

$19 Million – Hardie v. Cal-ISO

Settlement after trial for grid control room operators due to misclassification.

$16 Million – Woodlawn Memorial Park

For hundreds of victims of fraud and negligent operations of a cemetery.

In Excess of $15 Million – In Re: Avandia Marketing, Sales Practices and Product Liability Litigation

For hundreds of patients who took Avandia and suffered heart failure or stroke.

$15 Million – Costa v. Vitas Health Care

For off-the-clock work and meal and rest breaks that were denied to home health care workers.

$14.5 Million – Kaewsawang v. Sara Lee Corp.

Class action involving allegations of price-fixing by Sara Lee.

$14.27 Million – Does v. Roe Manufacturer

For injuries suffered by workers who were exposed to toxic diesel fumes inside their defectively designed work vehicles.

$10 Million – Gottlieb v. SBC Communications Inc.

For ERISA violations in connection with unilateral liquidation of Air Touch Stock Fund in its employees’ 401(k) plans.

$10 Million – Becerra vs. City of Los Angeles

On behalf of a young woman who was struck by a City of Los Angeles trash truck while crossing the street.

$10 Million – Mosse v. CVS Pharmacy

For failure to pay overtime and failure to provide meal and rest breaks after misclassifying them as “exempt” employees.

In Excess of $9 Million – Michaely v. Browning-Ferris Industries of California

For residents impacted by odors emitted from Sunshine Canyon Landfill (pending final approval)

$9 Million – Armendarez v. Six Flags Magic Mountain

On behalf of a class of minority visitors to the amusement park for claims of harassment and profiling based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, and physical appearance.

$8.3 Million – Paradise Memorial Park Litigation

For family members of decedents whose remains were improperly handled by a cemetery.

$8 Million – Elias v. El Pollo Loco

For payment of overtime to misclassified general and restaurant managers.

$7 Million – Williams v. Angeles Abbey Memorial Park

For families who were misled as to the final disposition of their decedents remains.

$5 Million – First Service Credit Union v. United Road Towing

Verdict in consumer class action against tow company for unauthorized and illegal charges.

$5 Million – Gutierrez v. California Commerce Club

Class action settlement of lawsuit alleging that Commerce Casino failed to provide meal periods and failed to authorize and permit rest breaks in compliance with California law.

$4.5 Million – Doe Development Owners

For breach of contract for failure to comply with the terms of multiple agreements.

In Excess of $4.1 Million – Gutierrez v. Honda North America, Inc.

Class action settlement of lawsuit alleging that certain Honda vehicles were equipped with a defective side airbag system which inadvertently deploy while the vehicle is being driven under normal conditions.

$3.9 Million – Behar International Counsel v. T-Mobile USA, Inc.

For failure to disclose the circumstances under which its customers would be charged international roaming charges while traveling overseas.

$3.6 Million – Stevens v. Safeway

For failure to pay hourly supermarket employees for off-the-clock work.

$3.2 Million – Thompson v. Viva America

For misrepresenting the composition and content of various vitamins and supplements to purchasers.

$2.5 Million – Eubanks v. Panther II Transportation

Settlement of class action lawsuit alleging that Panther violated “Contractor Operating Agreements” by failing to pay the fuel-surcharge that Panther promised when it initially offered a load to individuals and companies who leased equipment and provided their services to Panther.

$2.5 Million – Harder v. Blue Cross of California

For insureds whose rates for dental programs had been improperly adjusted.

Over $2.4 Million – Leathermon v. Grandview Memorial Gardens

Settlement of class action asserting that family members buried at cemetery did not receive a proper lawn crypt burial when they were buried in lawn crypt containers outside certain “lawn crypt sections” of the cemetery.

$2.2 Million – Albarracin v. Fidelity National Insurance Company

Verdict including $1.95 million in punitive damage for wrongful termination after complaints of workplace sexual harassment.

$2.1 Million – Adams v. Doe Doctor

For Medical Malpractice for severe paresthesia following a negligently performed surgery and after care.

$2 Million – Mejia v. Doe Excavation Pit

For a minor who fell into an excavation pit that was not properly guarded.

$1.9 Million – Babayan v. BLS Limousine

For limousine drivers for failure to pay the gratuities given by the clients and for other wage and hour violations.

$1.7 Million – Goldin v. Doe Homeowner

For premises liability case after falling off a loft bed and suffering a TBI, shoulder and back injury

$1.6 Million – Lincoln Memorial Park Litigation

For relatives of decedents for improper and unlawful business practices carried out by a cemetery and mortuaries.

$1.6 Million – Miller v. Ruth’s Chris

For restaurant employees who were not provided meal breaks

$1.5 Million-Confidential

Disability harassment and wrongful termination case

$1.5 Million – Confidential

Settlement in a complex employment case involving disability harassment and wrongful termination.

$1.5 Million – YMCA v. Doe Defendants

For faulty workmanship and defective construction which lead to significant water damage.

$1.48 Million – Doe Plaintiffs v. Doe Property Management Company

For hundreds of tenants for uninhabitable conditions at a large apartment complex.

$1.38 Million – Evans vs. Kana Pipleline

Verdict for injuries suffered in low impact, rear-end collision.

$1.37 Million – DeWitt v. Odiseo Jimenez

On behalf of a woman who suffered serious injuries as the result of a college student’s negligence.

$1.29 Million – Thrifty Payless, Inc. & Rite Aid Class Action

Class action settlement for unfair, unlawful and fraudulent business practices.

$1.25 Million – Scott v. Snell

For defendants’ failure to pay fair consideration to the minority shareholders in connection with a going-private transaction.

$1.25 Million – Engel v Corey

On behalf of a woman who was injured in an automobile collision and who was already suffering from several serious conditions.

$1.125 Million – Confidential Personal Injury Settlement

Settlement on behalf of a client injured in an elevator fall.

$1.16 Million – Perez vs Tadlock Auctions

Verdict for injuries suffered as a result of a piece of furniture falling on plaintiff while on defendant’s premises.

$1 Million – Gezzer v. Harvey

On behalf of a motorcycle rider who was injured by a negligent automobile driver.

In Excess of $1 Million – Allen v. Ralphs Grocery Company

For hundreds of Ralph’s customers who were denied awards under a marketing promotion.

In Excess of $1 Million – Brown v. Various Retailers

For class members who were subjected to employment law violations by their employer.

In Excess of $1 Million – Alvarez v. The May Department Stores Company

For employees who were improperly classified as overtime exempt managers.