Los Angeles Reglan Attorneys

Reglan Overview

Reglan (generic name metoclopramide), introduced in 1986 by Schwarz Pharma is primarily used to decrease retention of food and acid in stomach. The drug is also used for treating heartburn resulting from gastroesophageal reflux. It is applied when other medications fail to provide desired relief.

How Reglan Works

Reglan enhances muscle contractions in the upper digestive tract. This increases the rate at which the stomach empties into the intestines. The drug also helps in tightening sphincter “valve” in the lower esophagus, preventing stomach acid from backing up to esophagus and causing heartburn. The drug also helps in calming vomiting center located in the brain and decreases symptoms of nausea.

Side Effects and Risks of Reglan

Long term use or overdose of Reglan may cause serious movement disorders particularly in women, diabetics and aged. Major side effect from use of Reglan is classified as tardive dyskinesia. Symptoms of such disorder include uncontrollable muscle movements and tremors. Along with these symptoms, the neuroleptic malignant syndrome and symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease that can take a severe toll on the victim’s life are also felt.

In addition to uncontrollable muscle movements and tremors, patients experiencing uneven heartbeat, depressed mood, rapid breathing, stiff muscles, and anxiety should immediately get in touch with health care provider. On rare occasions, the drug has been associated with increase in suicidal thoughts among depressed patients. Patients having blockage or ulcers in stomach or intestine, epilepsy or seizures, depression may be affected adversely by this drug.

Legal Perspective

Individuals who used prescribed dosage of Reglan and exhibited signs of tardive dyskinesia or other major side effects mentioned above may consider filing a lawsuit to claim compensation for the damage. Several lawsuits have been filed claiming that the manufacturer failed to inform public about the potential risks associated with the prolonged use of the drug.

If you or your dear ones are suffering from serious side effects of using Reglan then consider filing a lawsuit with the help of an expert Los Angeles Reglan attorney to claim compensation for the damage.