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You need experienced legal allies if you have a dispute with your employer over job-related matters. Most likely, your employer has legal counsel aiding and advising them. You deserve the same or you may not get the resolution you seek. Contact our Los Angeles employment class action lawyers with your employment class action questions. We have answers to all of your questions and we have the experience you need on your side. A conflict over wages, breaks, overtime, severance, or retirement may be the source of your challenges. Though you may be the only employee facing this challenge, there is a significant possibility that other people working for the same company or in the same industry have the same challenges. This may also be true if you have been discriminated against because of your age, gender, physical abilities, race, religion or sexual orientation. If there are other employees who are discriminated against at work or who have similar complaints, you may have grounds for a lawsuit and, perhaps, for initiating or becoming part of an employment class action. Many of your co-workers may have similar complaints but have not spoken about their mistreatment.

Employment class actions can be complex but we are seasoned class action attorneys with extensive resources to dedicate to your case. To discuss your situation and get advice from experienced employment class action attorneys, contact our law firm. We have been representing clients like you for decades and we know how to get results in complex employment class action lawsuits. When you are united with other plaintiffs in a class action, you may have a greater chance of success. For questions about the process, your next best legal steps and for guidance throughout the process, contact us for a free consultation.

What is an Employment Class Action?

A class action lawsuit is filed by one or more people who act as representatives for a larger group also known as a “class.” All of the people in the class have been wronged by the same circumstances. In employment class action lawsuits, any affected employee is automatically a member of the class unless they opt out. The court closely supervises the class action and no settlements or remedies are final without approval from all members of the class.

Class actions are useful because one judge is able to hear all the complaints at the same time, saving court time and establishing a common resolution for all wronged employees. These also prevent each individual from having to go to court or pursue justice on their own. Instead, our attorneys and our colleagues will represent the entire class and maximize compensation for the wronged employees. In a case with similar complaints, the evidence supporting a favorable resolution can be more substantial and the money damages awarded to employees is often higher. Class representatives are also rewarded with extra compensation for filing the action, which can sometimes amount to a significant sum.

If you are involved in one of these lawsuits or are considering pursuing a claim against your employer, you may have questions about the process, your potential compensation and your legal rights. We have answers to these and all of your questions. When we represent you, we will keep you apprised of all developments in your case and protect your best interests. Our employment class action attorneys in Los Angeles have a long history of successfully representing clients in these types of lawsuits. Contact us to have proven employment class action attorneys on your side.

Employers must take Responsibility for Mistreating Employees

If wrongs have been committed against a group of employees, employers must take responsibility. Illegal conduct against a specific employee, such as sexual harassment, is usually filed on behalf of the individual employee only. However, if such harassment is widespread or is part of the corporate culture, a class action may be appropriate. Sexual harassment class actions are quite rare, however. Instead, the typical claims include the following:

  • Discriminatory action that disproportionately affects one group of employees (for example if a reduction in force caused all women employees to be laid off)
  • Failure to provide accurate pay stubs
  • Unpaid overtime, business and travel expenses
  • Improper wage deductions
  • Improper employee classification
  • Illegal layoff procedures
  • Time off or leave issues
  • Unfair severance and release agreements

There are many other ways that an employer can mistreat employees. In many cases, the employer may ardently refuse to do the right thing and may fail to support their workers. In such cases, turn to aggressive employment law attorneys who have the resources and the skill to stand up to even the largest corporations.

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Many employers engage in discriminatory, illegal and otherwise questionable activity hoping that no one will find out or complain. They count on intimidation, fear, or employees’ ignorance of the law. Employees have rights that must be protected and we know how to provide this protection.  If you have a complaint against your employer for violating California or federal employment law, many of your co-workers are probably in the same situation. Our employment class action attorneys can help vindicate your rights as well as the rights of your fellow employees by pursuing legal action. Call or contact a Los Angeles employment class action lawyer to discuss the next steps and learn how you can hold your employer accountable.