Million-Dollar Successes

The attorneys of Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos have been involved in the success of many trials and settlements including:

$49 Million – Rolnik v. AT& T Wireless Services

For billing overcharges from failure to prorate the final month of service fees.

$42 Million – Lozano v. AT&T Wireless Services, Inc.

For inadequately disclosed “out of cycle” billing policies.

$38 Million – Sterns v. AT&T Mobility Corporation

For inadequately disclosed service fees on billing statements.

$20 Million – Roark v. GTE

For telephone service overcharges.

$19 Million – Hardie v. Cal-ISO

For grid control room operators due to misclassification.

$16 Million – Woodlawn Memorial Park

For hundreds of victims of fraud and negligent operations of a cemetery.

In Excess of $15 Million – In Re: Avandia Marketing, Sales Practices and Product Liability Litigation

For hundreds of patients who took Avandia and suffered heart failure or stroke.

$15 Million – Costa v. Vitas Health Care

For off-the-clock work and meal and rest breaks that were denied to home health care workers.

In Excess of $10 Million – Gutierrez v. Honda North America, Inc.

For inadvertent deployment of side airbags on certain model years of Honda Accords.

$10 Million – Gottlieb v. SBC Communications Inc.

For ERISA violations in connection with unilateral liquidation of Air Touch Stock Fund in its employees’ 401(k) plans.

$10 Million – Becerra vs. City of Los Angeles

On behalf of a young woman who was struck by a City of Los Angeles trash truck while crossing the street.

$10 Million – Mosse v. CVS Pharmacy

For failure to pay overtime and failure to provide meal and rest breaks after misclassifying them as “exempt” employees.

$9 Million – Armendarez v. Six Flags Magic Mountain

On behalf of a class of minority visitors to the amusement park for claims of harassment and profiling based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, and physical appearance.

$8.3 Million – Paradise Memorial Park Litigation

For family members of decedents whose remains were improperly handled by a cemetery.

$8 Million – Elias v. El Pollo Loco

For payment of overtime to misclassified general and restaurant managers.

$7 Million – Williams v. Angeles Abbey Memorial Park

For families who were misled as to the final disposition of their decedents remains.

$5 Million – First Service Credit Union v. United Road Towing

Verdict in consumer class action against tow company for unauthorized and illegal charges.

$4.5 Million – Doe Development Owners

For breach of contract for failure to comply with the terms of multiple agreements.

$3.9 Million – Behar International Counsel v. T-Mobile USA, Inc.

For failure to disclose the circumstances under which its customers would be charged international roaming charges while traveling overseas.

$3.6 Million – Stevens v. Safeway

For failure to pay hourly supermarket employees for off-the-clock work.

$3.2 Million – Thompson v. Viva America

For misrepresenting the composition and content of various vitamins and supplements to purchasers.

$2.5 Million – Harder v. Blue Cross of California

For insureds whose rates for dental programs had been improperly adjusted.

$2 Million – Mejia v. Doe Excavation Pit

For a minor who fell into an excavation pit that was not properly guarded.

$1.9 Million – Babayan v. BLS Limousine

For limousine drivers for failure to pay the gratuities given by the clients and for other wage and hour violations.

$1.6 Million – Lincoln Memorial Park Litigation

For relatives of decedents for improper and unlawful business practices carried out by a cemetery and mortuaries.

$1.6 Million – Miller v. Ruth’s Chris

For restaurant employees who were not provided meal breaks.

$1.5 Million – YMCA v. Doe Defendants

For faulty workmanship and defective construction which lead to significant water damage.

$1.48 Million – Doe Plaintiffs v. Doe Property Management Company

For hundreds of tenants for uninhabitable conditions at a large apartment complex.

$1.38 Million – Evans vs. Kana Pipleline

Verdict for injuries suffered in low impact, rear-end collision.

$1.25 Million – Scott v. Snell

For defendants’ failure to pay fair consideration to the minority shareholders in connection with a going private transaction.

$1.25 Million – Engel v Corey

On behalf of a woman who injured in an automobile collision and who was already suffering from several serious conditions.

$1.16 million – Perez vs Tadlock Auctions

Verdict for injuries suffered as a result of a piece furniture falling on plaintiff while on defendants premises.

In Excess of $1 Million – Allen v. Ralphs Grocery Company

For hundreds of Ralph’s customers who were denied awards under a marketing promotion.

In Excess of $1 Million – Brown v. Various Retailers

For class members who were subjected to employment law violations by their employer.

In Excess of $1 Million – Alvarez v. The May Department Stores Company

For employees who were improperly classified as overtime exempt managers.