Los Angeles Massage Therapist Sexual Assault Lawyer

Clients who pay for massage therapy services expect massage therapists to behave in a professional and clinical manner. Those who experience disturbing or sexually charged contact at the hands of a massage therapist may initially doubt their own concerns. All too often, however, these fears are confirmed, and massage clients may need to consult with a Los Angeles massage therapist sexual assault lawyer.

How Do I Recognize Massage Therapist Sexual Assault?

According to the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), approximately 20% of women and 22% of men obtained massages in 2020. The vast majority of these consumers received massages in spas, at massage therapists’ offices, or at a franchise or chain (i.e., Massage Envy). Only 6% of massage patients received services inside either their own homes or homes of someone they knew.

Most massage therapy patients enjoy relaxing sessions without the slightest hint of inappropriate behavior from their therapists. Unfortunately, cases of massage therapist sexual assault do occur. BuzzFeed published an article in 2017 revealing that over 180 women alleged sexual assault at the hands of therapists working at locations of the huge national chain Massage Envy.

One of the most disturbing facts reported in this article is that the massage therapy chain appeared to ignore or mishandle early warnings of the inappropriate conduct reported by women. This likely led to innocent victims suffering sexual assaults that could have been avoided. Although all the accusers in this case appeared to be women, it is important to note that sexual assault is not limited to gender. When it comes to sexual assault, the perpetrator or the victim could be any gender.

Some massage clients may question whether they have received a legitimate massage or were sexually assaulted. In many but not all cases, the signs of a massage crossing appropriate boundaries are clear. Most of the women in the BuzzFeed article alleged some of the following acts:

  • Having their breasts fondled
  • Having their genitals fondled
  • Digital or oral penetration into their vaginas
  • Having their massage therapists grind their penises against their vaginas
  • Having a massage therapist suckling on their breasts

In other clear-cut instances of massage therapist sexual assault, clients may be raped. Victims may feel confused and unsure of how to proceed, but the law clearly sets out potential paths to seek justice for the wrongs committed against them. Contact our Los Angeles massage therapist sexual abuse attorneys for help in legally representing you. Get started today by scheduling your free consultation. 

What Can I Do After Massage Therapist Sexual Assault?

One important first step after suffering from massage therapist sexual assault is to contact law enforcement authorities. Too many massage therapy establishments fail to properly handle sexual assault allegations. Some simply sweep them completely under the rug rather than reporting them to law enforcement.

Another critical step is to consult with a Los Angeles massage therapist sexual assault lawyer to ensure your legal rights are protected. You want to find a law firm that is experienced in representing sexual assault victims. To seek justice for your suffering, you could file a civil lawsuit against the massage therapist and massage therapy spa or franchise that either employed or promoted their services. In cases where a massage therapy establishment tried to cover up sexual assault, it may be possible to hold them responsible for negligence. This can help prevent the same types of molestation or assault from happening to other innocent parties. Therefore, hiring one of our massage therapists sexual abuse attorneys in Los Angeles is dedicated to protecting your rights. 

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