Jamie Goldstein and Elise Sanguinetti Chosen as Finalists for Trial Lawyer of the Year 2020 for SFTLA

ASWT’s Elise Sanguinetti and Jamie Goldstein have been honored to be among four finalists for Trial Lawyer of the Year 2020 by the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association for their work in the Grace DeWitt v. Odiseo Jimenez case, and additionally recognized by the association as “notable achievers”.

In the trial, which took place entirely virtually in Alameda County Superior Court, a jury awarded $1.37 million to a woman who suffered grievous injuries in 2016 at the hands of a college student. Grace DeWitt, a student in San Luis Obispo, was walking with friends when she was picked up without warning by another student. The student began running while carrying her only to trip and fall, resulting in Grace being crushed between the curb and the defendant, causing grievous injuries that required four years of treatment and multiple surgeries, as well as rehabilitation. Grace still awaits a third shoulder surgery, a hip surgery, and a fusion surgery.

The case was tried completely via Zoom, with all parties, attorneys, witnesses, and jurors participating from their homes. Goldstein and Sanguinetti have spoken locally, statewide, and nationally since completion of the trial as advocates for alternative jury trial options while the pandemic persists.

ASWT is proud to have our attorney’s achievements recognized, as well as their efforts to obtain justice for all clients in spite of the pandemic’s effect on trials.