ASWT Managing Partner Mike Arias Interviewed by PacerMonitor

ASWT Managing Partner Mike Arias was recently interviewed by PacerMonitor regarding former Los Angeles attorney Tom Girardi’s involuntary bankruptcy that has now evolved into a court-appointed guardianship. 

Tom Girardi and his Girardi Keese law firm were forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy about two years ago by clients and attorneys seeking to collect $6.5 million. He is accused of law violations, acts of moral turpitude, and ethics rules violations for allegedly robbing clients in large settlement cases of millions of dollars. 

In the article Mike discusses the reason why the court-appointed guardianship was placed upon Tom Giradi and states that it was placed due to a “determination of competency issue”. Although Griardi was diagnosed with dementia, Mike goes on to say that the actions committed by Girardi occurred when he was competent.

Mike also noted within the article the trustee’s obligation, which is to find every asset or source of assets that they can bring to the bankruptcy of the estate. He went on to describe the importance of looking at all the records in order to see every payment made, and going back even further than the statutory period if there is fraud. 

The PacerMaker article details 130 complaints filed against Tom Girardi between 1982 and January 2021 with the state bar that were overlooked. 

Mike Arias is the founding and managing partner of ASWT. During his nearly 40-year career he has litigated and tried matters throughout the United States in both state and federal courts as a lead, co-lead, liaison counsel in well over 100 class and mass tort/plaintiff actions.