Article Co-Authored by ASST Partner Elise Sanguinetti on California’s Legislative Efforts Confronting Forced Arbitration

The January 2017 issue of the American Association of Justice’s Trial magazine is devoted to forced arbitration clauses.  Forced arbitration clauses, which are becoming more and more common and are typically hidden in the fine print of contracts, deprive consumers of important fundamental rights – including the right to a trial.  Unfortunately, most people do not know about the existence of these clauses until it is too late.

As last year’s president of the Consumer Attorneys of California, ASST partner Elise Sanguinetti worked to have California’s Legislature curtail the most egregious misuses of forced arbitration clauses. The January 2017 issue of Trial includes an article co-authored by Elise Sanguinetti describing how the legislative efforts in California to protect consumers from hidden, forced arbitration clauses can serve as a model for other states.  You can view the article here: In Focus: Recent legislative efforts in California provide lessons for other states confronting forced arbitration.