The Daily Journal Featured ASWT Managing Partner Mike Arias Discussing the “Proposed Ban on Non Compete Clauses”

ASWT Managing Partner Mike Arias was featured on the front page of the Daily Journal discussing the “FTC Proposal of a National Ban on Non-Compete Clauses”. 

The feature delves into the possibilities that would be allowed to many following the Federal Trade Commission’s proposed ban on non-compete clauses in employment contracts. California would potentially be joined by the rest of the country in disallowing contracts that prevent workers from seeking employment with competitors after they leave their jobs. Mike Arias, like many other employment plaintiffs’ attorneys in the state, hailed the proposed rule as a “potential end to a practice”. 

Mike was quoted in the Daily Journal stating, “I do believe that the elimination of noncompete clauses would definitely improve opportunities for people to pursue jobs in their chosen fields.” 

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