Southern California Record Interviews Mike Arias

Founding and Managing Partner Mike Arias was interviewed by the Southern California Record in a story on the $73 million settlement negotiated with UCLA on behalf of 6,000 women who were sexually abused by the university’s OBGYN.

Mr. Arias, a Past President of CAALA and CAOC, called the settlement “institution friendly” as many called the settlement “unreasonable and low” according to the article.

The article quoted Mr. Arias as saying:

“I don’t think you should be forcing women to have to make decisions about a class action settlement like this when there hasn’t been any discovery taken and where there hasn’t been anything really done to determine the strength of the case. Typically, these kinds of decisions are made after litigation, not before it starts.”

Mr. Arias was the co-lead liaison for the plaintiffs in the mass action against USC where countless women alleged they were sexually abused by USC’s OBGYN George Tyndall who worked there for almost 30 years. That case ended in a historic $852 million settlement on behalf of 710 plaintiffs.

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