Court grants preliminary approval of class action settlement with the City of Los Angeles

The Superior Court of the State of California for the County of Los Angeles has preliminarily approved the proposed settlement of two class actions involving curb ramps and curb cuts that provide access to sidewalks and other pedestrian pathways located in the City of Los Angeles. The lawsuits that will be resolved by the proposed settlement are known as Saundra Carter v. City of Los Angeles (Case No. BC363305) and Nicole Fahmie v. City of Los Angeles (Case No. BC381773).

Pursuant to the proposed settlement, the City of Los Angeles will be required to spend approximately $1.37 billion over the next 30 years to fix or remove access barriers in its pedestrian facilities by implementing various measures, including, among other things, installing and fixing curb ramps and repairing broken sidewalks. The settlement will also require the City of Los Angeles to perform various other measures to improve the accessibility of its pedestrian facilities to individuals with mobility disabilities over the next 30 years, such as creating an access request program, creating an access and construction database, and hiring an ADA Coordinator.

Further information about the proposed settlement, including copies of the court-approved class notice, can be found here: City of Los Angeles Curb Cut Class Action Settlement.

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