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Our Los Angeles death care attorneys represent family members of deceased relative who were mistreated by cemeteries, mortuaries or crematories. The loss of a relative is painful enough without the added injury of knowing that your loved’ one’s remains were not afforded the utmost respect. The California State Cemetery and Funeral Bureau rightly notes that “the death of a loved one is undoubtedly the most traumatic experience any of us will ever encounter.” As such, California has extensive laws and regulations that govern:

  • Funerals
  • Cemeteries
  • Crematories
  • Cremated remains disposers
  • Cemetery brokers, salespersons and managers

These types of lawsuits are quite rare, but we have extensive resources and experience to use holding the responsible parties accountable for their wrongdoing. While your emotional suffering may entitle you to compensation, the organization or individuals who did not adhere to the highest standards of death care may have broken the law. In this case, you may be entitled to receive punitive damages. Contact us as soon as possible so that we can guide you through this emotionally painful and legally complex territory. Our attorneys offer free consultations to discuss the details of your situation.

Cemeteries and Mortuaries must adhere to the Highest Standards

When we entrust our deceased relatives to the care of professionals, we expect them to adhere to the highest standards. If they don’t, justice must be pursued and the guilty parties must be forbidden from ever engaging in such wrongdoing again. Cemeteries and mortuaries may be liable to family members of a deceased person for damages for committing any of the following acts:

  • Converting a single-use grave into multiple graves
  • Disinterring decedents’ remains and commingling them with others
  • Disturbing previously interred remains
  • Embezzling the Endowment Care Fund
  • Failing to conduct funerals or burials in compliance with any industry and legal standards
  • Failing to maintain a cemetery in pristine conditions
  • Failing to re-inter all of the remains
  • Improperly disposing of remains
  • Interring remains in a grave site previously occupied by other remains
  • Performing multiple cremations simultaneously
  • Selling cemetery plots when none were available

California law provides that the death care industry provide appropriate and dignified services. Bereaved family members should be able to anticipate this service. In recent years, several high profile cases throughout the nation have occurred shedding light on serious problems in the death care industry. While the vast majority of mortuaries exceed high-expectations, there are exceptions. If you suspect that your family has been victimized by a disreputable funeral home or similar organization, reach out to our Los Angeles death care attorneys now. We will offer you a free consultation and offer you compassionate and practical legal advice.

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If a cemetery or a mortuary fails to provide appropriate and dignified services, or if a decedent’s remains are mishandled, bereaved family members may recover monetary damages. California law provides that the decedent’s spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren have standing to file a lawsuit. Death care lawsuits are rare and involve intricate legal issues. We are prepared. Furthermore, whether or not the establishment in question is independently owned or if it is a part of a massive business conglomerate, we know how to pursue justice on behalf of your loved ones.