Los Angeles Wrongful Death Lawyer 

Suffering the untimely loss of a loved one is devastating. When an accident caused by another person’s negligent acts results in the victim passing away, it is considered a wrongful death. While unfortunately nothing can be done to bring back the loved ones of grieving family members, there may be some peace in getting justice for the loss of life. If an accident has resulted in the wrongful death of your loved one, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for your unimaginable loss. The process of filing a wrongful death claim may be devastating for family members as they grieve. That is why it is important to partner with a trusted Los Angeles wrongful death attorney to help you through this unimaginably difficult time. 

Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos, LLP is a team of Los Angeles wrongful death lawyers helping the families of lost loved ones seek justice for their loss. Our skilled attorneys have over 35 years of experience and extensive knowledge of California’s complex legal system. Our legal team understands how difficult the claims process may be for a grieving family, which is why we are dedicated to providing our clients with the personalized and communicative service they deserve. Our experienced lawyers are proud to offer you the award-winning representation needed to help get justice for your loved one. 

What is California’s Wrongful Death Law?

In the state of California, the family or certain loved ones of a person who has passed away due to the negligent acts of another person may be able to file a wrongful death claim. A wrongful death claim allows for the passed-on person’s loved ones to pursue financial compensation for their devastating loss and to cover the expenses that may have been incurred in relation to the death. The law permits  up to two years from the date of the death to file a wrongful death lawsuit. If a lawsuit is not filed within this statute of limitations, the decedent’s loved ones may forfeit their legal right to file a lawsuit at all. 

Los Angeles Wrongful Death Accidents

Accidents can be highly damaging for victims, but when an accident results in wrongful death, the aftermath can be devastating for the family and loved ones of the victim. Some examples of accidents that may result in the wrongful death of a victim include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Motor vehicle accidents occur every day across the United States. Due to the severe nature of these accidents, it is an unfortunate reality that a motor vehicle accident may result in the death of victims when another driver acts negligently behind the wheel. 
  • Medical Malpractice: When a medical professional acts negligently, it may result in the death of a patient under their care. 
  • Work-Related Accidents: When an employer is negligent, it may result in an unsafe environment for employees that could lead to wrongful death. 
  • Intentional Acts: Including crimes, an intentional act may be an assault or robbery that could result in the death of a victim. 

If you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, it is your legal right to file a wrongful death claim, and our experienced legal team has the skills to help. 

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim? 

To be potentially eligible to file a wrongful death claim, a person must fall into one of the following categories:

  • The decedent’s surviving spouse or domestic partner
  • The decedent’s children
  • The grandchildren of the decedent, if their children are deceased
  • The descendant’s putative spouse, which is a person who believed in good faith to be married to the descendant but was not legally wed to them
  • Children of the putative spouse
  • Stepchildren of the deceased person
  • The parents of the deceased person
  • The legal guardians of the deceased person

If there is no living person in the deceased person’s line of descent, then a wrongful death claim may be filed by any person who may be entitled to their property. If you are unsure if you are eligible to file a wrongful death claim for your loved one, consult with one of our experienced wrongful death lawyers. 

Partner With an Experienced Los Angeles Wrongful Death Attorney

Grieving the loss of a loved one after someone else’s negligence resulted in the decedent’s death is devastating for the family and friends of the deceased person. To get the help you need with a wrongful death claim, partner with an experienced wrongful death lawyer to pursue the financial compensation you may be entitled to. 

Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos, LLP is a Los Angeles wrongful death firm helping clients seek justice in honor of their late loved ones. We are proud to provide our clients with the award-winning service they deserve as we help them through this challenging time in their lives. To schedule a free consultation, contact us here or call (310) 844-9696.