LA Times Columnist Bill Plaschke Covers Tyndall Lawsuit

Nicole Haynes speaking at press conference in Sacramento on AB 1510.

The behavior of Dr. George Tyndall, the disgraced University of Southern California gynecologist, impacted women in every area of campus life – including sports.

Nicole Haynes was a world-class track athlete both while attending USC and afterward as she competed in international competitions as a professional. However, she fell victim to Tyndall’s predatory nature and recently took the brave step in coming forward to tell her story. Ms. Haynes sat down with columnist Bill Plaschke, who writes for the Los Angeles Times and several other national newspapers, to tell of the abuse she suffered at Tyndall’s hands.

Ms. Haynes also spoke out at a press conference in Sacramento in support of legislation AB 1510 which amends the current statute of limitations on civil actions involving sexual assault and harassment to give survivors greater access to justice.

In addition, her attorney Mike Arias was also interviewed, and he discussed the seriously flawed settlement proposal USC offered shortly after the class actions were filed:

”I’ve been doing this sort of work for 30-plus years, and I’ve never seen a settlement so quickly,” Arias said. “USC has made it very clear they don’t want to have to relive this on their side. But so many women want to know what happened. And they have the right to know what happened.”

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