Important COVID-19 Information From the Attorneys at ASWT

The coronavirus outbreak brought with it crippling unemployment, massive social upheaval and a major shift in the way attorneys will practice law. As the legal community and the world continue to battle this terrible sickness, the attorneys at Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos have helped lead the way by working with bar associations, legal organizations and other firms to help them continue their practice.

Many firms, especially small law firms, solo practitioners and those that depend on regular monthly income, are in need of guidance on how to serve clients while unable to go to the office. With shelter-in-place orders combined with court closures, many attorneys are practicing law in isolation, desperate to figure out the best way forward.

Managing Partner Mike Arias has written articles on this topic, spoken to the media and led conference calls with local, state and national trial lawyer associations in an attempt to help guide and counsel other attorneys. As past president of Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) and Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) as well as executive board member of the American Association for Justice (AAJ), Mr. Arias holds a unique leadership and service position. He’s worked aggressively to help other attorneys figure out what works for themselves and their firms, and he’s worked with judicial leaders to stay informed and help figure out solutions.

Elise Sanguinetti is also past president of CAOC as well as past president of AAJ. She’s spoken on several free webinars helping attorneys learn how to create a “virtual” practice where they work remotely as a firm. She’s spoken to national trial bar associations as well as to those in Iowa, Colorado, California and beyond. 

With offices in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Las Vegas and Montreal, the partners and attorneys are already uniquely capable of working together as a firm across vast distances. 

If you are a law firm in need of help with a remote work situation, please turn to Mike or Elise at Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos. Whether you need to discuss practical matters such as the best video conferencing app to use or your law firm is wrestling with privacy issues, our management team is leading the way to helping law firms cope and thrive in this difficult environment.

Helpful Resources


The links below contain interviews, articles and webinars the firm has conducted to help educate the legal field and general public during the COVID-19 outbreak.

LA Times – Mr. Arias spoke to the Los Angeles Times on the court closures and how it impacts the judicial system, attorneys and the general public.

AAJ Webinar – Elise Sanguinetti spoke on an AAJ webinar to help prepare attorneys for this crisis. 

Law360 – Mike Arias wrote an article for Law360 titled “Beware COVID-Driven Lowball Offers From Insurers” that highlights the challenges trial lawyers are currently facing with insurers providing “lowball” offers in an attempt to take advantage of people’s financial distress. Mr. Arias provides some steps lawyers can take to continue to fight for justice and protect their clients’ best interests.

Law360 – Mr. Arias was interviewed on the topic of how firms can adjust to the crisis by eliminating as much in-person contact as possible.

Law360 – Mr. Arias was interviewed about the EU travel ban and how it will impact lawyers who travel internationally, take overseas depositions, do expert testimony internationally and more.

Daily Journal – Mr. Arias wrote an article for the Daily Journal offering ideas on how best to get work done during this crisis. Among other things, he suggests “All communications must be done over the phone, via Skype and/or FaceTime and through other digital modes. This, of course, holds true for communication between opposing counsel as many of us already do.  However, this practice will need to become mandatory and expanded to all communications between attorneys and their clients.”

CAOC Webinar – Elise Sanguinetti helped lead a CAOC webinar that brought up specific software issues attorneys may face while working remotely.

Iowa Association for Justice Webinar – Ms. Sanguinetti spoke to the Iowa Association for Justice on how best to navigate these challenging waters.

Colorado Trial Lawyers Association Webinar – Ms. Sanguinetti spoke to attorneys in Colorado to help prep and train them for the shelter-in-place rules.