3M Bair Hugger Blanket

What is a Bair Hugger Blanket?

The Bair Hugger blanket manufactured by 3M is a warming blanket used to warm anesthetized patients during surgery. It is often used during joint replacement surgeries including hip and knee replacements. The blanket is used to help regulate the body’s temperature and avoid hypothermia.

Adverse Side Effects

Unfortunately the Bair Hugger warming device has been known to cause infections in patients due to bacteria in the air system. The bacteria circulates through the warming blanket and attacks open wounds on the body causing serious infections. These infections can be debilitating, and if not controlled, can cause death.

Legal Option

If you or a loved one underwent surgery where the Bair Hugger blanket was used and you developed an infection, you may be entitled to money damages. Contact our office for a free case evaluation. Our experienced attorneys can advise you on your options.