Elise Sanguinetti Interviewed by Trial Lawyer View

Trial Lawyer View interviewed co-founding partner Elise Sanguinetti about her career, the challenges she has faced as a female trial lawyer, the importance of trial lawyer associations, access to the civil justice system, and the significance of empathy.

During 2020, the legal field was turned on its head by Covid-19 and the various changes & challenges it presented, including Zoom trials and lack of jury availability, among countless other hurdles. For her success in a major (and notably entirely remote) trial, Elise, along with ASWT’s Jamie Goldstein, was honored to be among four finalists for Trial Lawyer of the Year 2020 by the San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association.

On being a female lawyer, Elise explores the first time she felt gender bias in the field, as well as her key to beating that sexism.

“I think the first time that I kind of felt gender bias in any way, was more with interaction with opposing counsel.  Being undeterred in my goals, and representing my clients the best I could, it never derailed me, from what I knew I needed to accomplish.”

Elise’s unwavering resolve to achieve justice for her clients was made even more remarkable by the monumental challenges of remote trials. As Elise says, “…even when we’re done with trial, or we’re finished with a case we’ve resolved it and sought justice for our client, whether it be through settlement arbitration or a jury trial; it doesn’t finish there, we’re not done, there’s so much more work to do.”

ASWT is incredibly proud of Elise, and excited to see what the future holds for her. To listen to her interview, click here.