Ashley Furniture – Class Action for Peeling and Flaking “Leather” Upholstery

Arias Sanguinetti Stahle & Torrijos LLP has filed a class action lawsuit against Ashley Furniture Industries Inc. and Ashley Homestores Ltd. alleging deception, false advertising, and fraud.

The class action alleges that Ashley Furniture intentionally misleads consumers by calling its DuraBlend upholstery “blended leather” and making it have as close an appearance to true leather as possible, even though it is not leather and merely incorporates a small fraction of leather scraps and fiber.

In addition, the class action alleges that the DuraBlend material fails to stand up to normal wear and tear, and instead easily peels and flakes off, revealing a rough, off-white layer underneath.

The Ashley Furniture DuraBlend lawsuit seeks to represent a Class of all persons who purchased furniture with DuraBlend upholstery from Ashley Furniture in California on or after December 22, 2011. The class action requests restitution and punitive damages under California consumer protection laws, as well as a court order to stop Ashley Furniture from making false advertisements of its DuraBlend upholstery.

The DuraBlend class action lawsuit has been featured in television news, with interview of partner Mikael H. Stahle on abc7news in Chicago.  Arias Sanguinetti Stahle & Torrijos LLP is seeking to expand the class action to include consumers in other states in addition to California.

If you purchased furniture with DuraBlend upholstery from Ashley Furniture that is peeling or flaking, we want to hear from you.