Alameda Jury Awards $1,370,935 Verdict to Woman Injured by College Student

Alameda County, CA – December 3, 2020 – In a completely virtual trial that took place in Alameda County Superior Court, a jury awarded a $1.37 million verdict to a woman who suffered serious injuries as the result of a college student’s negligence.

Grace DeWitt was a student in San Luis Obispo and while walking with friends she was picked up without warning by a fellow student. The other student began running while carrying her only to trip, fall and drop Grace who was crushed between the curb and the defendant who fell on top of her.  The resulting injuries to Grace were serious and significant.

She had to be treated for her injuries for over four years which included multiple shoulder surgeries and rehabilitation. She still needs a third shoulder surgery, a hip surgery and a fusion surgery.

“Grace is a wonderful young woman who can now be sure she can pay all of the medical bills and complete her college education that was derailed after her injuries,,” said attorney Jamie Goldstein of Arias Sanguinetti Wang & Torrijos. “Her injuries controlled her life for quite a while, and she is ecstatic that the jury’s verdict will help her rebuild her life, ” said attorney Elise Sanguinetti. Ms. Sanguinetti and Ms. Goldstein both represented Grace during the three week all virtual trial.

The case is Grace DeWitt v. Odiseo Jimenez, Alameda Superior Court, Case No. RG18909665. To read the complaint, click here.